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Téléchargez une compilation de 13 remixes 100% post-2000 (the 00 experience, pour "années 2000" aussi bien que pour "infini" over and over and over, forever and ever !), sélectionnés parmi les meilleures réalisations fanmade. Jugez plutôt :


Music ( Dace Aude Vocal Anthem)
Get Together (Monsieur Adi Remix)
Beat Goes on (3 Werq'n B!tches Recovery Club Mix)
Across the Sky (Lukesavant Running out of Time Mix)
Sorry (PSB Alternate Minimal Dub)
I Don't Give A (MJ Mash-Up Mix)
Paradise (Not For Me) (Dubtronic Silence Club Remix)
Revolver (Tracy Young's 'Shoot To Kill' Remix)
What it Feels Like for a Girl (Thunderpuss Radio Mix)
Hung Up Like that (mash up)
Jump (Dubtronic's Epic Extended Version)
Turn Up The Radio (VS Gotye VS SHM Berry mix)
Candy Shop (The Excursion PT.2 - Apollo Zero Reconstruct)


Coup de coeur pour les deux premiers remixes de la setlist (Music et Get Together), à la fois parmi les 2 meilleurs titres de la Madone depuis l'an 2000 et sans doute meilleurs remixes de cette compilation ! Enjoy it !




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Madonna Album 2015 Rebel Heart Borrowed Time Hold Tight
~ English text included ~
Rebel Heart
Selon le site DrownedMadonna, la chanson Rebel Heart, produite par Madonna et Avicii, devrait non seulement être présente dans la tracklist finale du futur album de la Reine de la Pop, mais surtout pouvoir bénéficier d'une sortie en "single" (à considérer qu'aujourd'hui une "sortie single" signifie toujours quelque chose) !

Rebel Heart est un titre dance-folk. The Queen of Pop fait un point sur sa vie personnelle, elle nous explique ce que c'est que de ne pas se sentir comme tout le monde. La chanson commence par des confessions de Madonna.

According to, song Rebel Heart, produced by Madonna & Avicii, will for sure be included into the net album final tracklist, but also released as a "single" (if nowadays "release a single" still means something...). The song is a dance-folk track in which Madonna explains her personal life and states on what it feels like not to be like everybody else.

"I’ve spent some time as a narcissist / Hearing the others say “Look at you, look at you!” / Trying to be so provocative / I said “Oh yeah, that was me!” / All of the things I did, just to be seen."


Borrowed Time
Borrowed Time. Comprendre "temps emprunté", ou "temps compté". Selon le site MadonnaRama, dans cette chanson, également produite par Madonna et Avicii, la chanteuse en appelle à une révolution (#RevolutionOfLove) pour surmonter les nombreux défis du monde que nous connaissons aujourd'hui ! Une chanson pleine d'amour, d'espoir, de tolérance, Madonna demandant de s'aimer les uns les autres comme si demain n'existait pas, puisque notre temps sur terre est compté!

In this song, also produced by Madonna and Avicii, the Queen of Pop calls for a Revolution Of Love, to challenge thge world we live in. A song full of hope, love, tolerance and compassion, Madonna beging people to love one another like there is no tomorrow, as we are all on earth for a borrowed and limited time.

"It all comes down to who’s wrong or right, who’s black or white, rich or poor, virgin or whore…
Doesn’t matter underneath it all…"


Hold Tight
"Hold Tight" serait une chanson Pop/RnB produite par Madonna et Diplo. Encore une fois, Madonna y parle d'amour comme la seule réponse et la seule solution pour surmonter les défis dont la vie pave nos chemins.
This song might be a Pop/RnB track produced by Madonna & Diplo. Once again, Madonna deals with love and how love is the answer to our problems and to all the hard challenges the life throws at us.

"hold tight, as long as you’re by my side, everything is going to be alright
If you hurt then I wanna be the one that’s bleeding."

Rebel HeartBorrowed TimeHold Tight

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Madonna Album 2015 Unapologetic Bitch

Last Update : Oct. 10, 2014
Natalia Kills
Toby Gad
Symbolic One
Martin Kierszenbaum Disclosure
Pharell Williams
Blood Diamonds
DJ Dahi
Duos - Featurings
Katy Perry
Alicia Keys
Nicki Minaj
Special Dog
Produced by Madonna, Toby Gad, Mozella & Symbolic1
Holy Water
Rebel Heart Produced by Madonna & Avicii. The song's about how to be yourself surrounding by paths defined for you by others.
"I took a road less travelled by, barely made it out alive, but through the darkness I survived"
Unapologetic Bitch Produced by Madonna & Diplo. Deals with 3-years boyfriend Brahim and their breakup. Based on some kind of reggae sounds.
"I’m popping bottles that you can’t even afford. I’m throwing parties and you won’t get in the door. / You know you never really know how much your bullshit cost me, but fuck you. / I know you’d like it if I stayed home and cried. But that ain’t gonna happen, here’s the reason why: When we did it, I’ll admit it, wasn’t satisfied
Autotune Baby  
Inside Out D'abord révélée sous le titre "Let Me Love You From Inside Out", puis "(Love You From) Inside Out". Electronic ballad with acoustic breaks, a kind of slow dubstep song.
"Show me your scars and the dark corners of your mind. Show me yours, and I’ll show you mine."
Living For Love Produced by Madonna & Diplo. Sound inspired by the 90s. It deals with love breakup and rebirth. Madonna prays to God at the end of the song
"Living for love, I’m gonna carry on, love’s gonna lift me up"
"You took me to heaven, you let me fall down, now that it’s over, I’m gonna carry on"
Art For Freedom  
We Are Superstars  
Messiah Produced by Madonna & Avicii
Bitch I'm Madonna Produced by Madonna & Diplo
Heartbreak City Produced by Madonna & Avicii. Rage of Madonna against her former boyfriend Brahim Zaibat.
“Getting what you came for, a bit of fame and fortune, and I’m no longer needed / Cut me down the middle, fucked me up a little. You said I was your queen. I tried to give you everything. And now you want your freedom. / You tore me into pieces, you didn’t have no damn reason. I let you in my kingdom, you helped yourself with everything. / I curse the day we met. This memory is haunting me. I wish I could forget.
Two Steps Behind Produced by Madonna & Avicii. Deals with all young popstars trying to be Madonna and using her recipe-for-fame-and-success
“You're a copycat, where is my royalty? You’re a pretty girl, I’ll give you that… But stealing my recipe / Did you study me hard enough?… You’re never gonna be me, you’re just a wannabe… Like a sister all messed-up, who’s gonna help you out?… In your fantasy, you can try it all. But you can’t be me"
Joan Of Arc

Produced by Madonna, Toby Gad, Mozella & Symbolic1. Ballad on the guitar. Vocals remind Evita songs. The track talks about how the world expects her to be a hero. Madonna talks about the press, how bad words put her down.
"I don’t wanna talk about it right now / Just hold me while I cry my eyes out / I’m not Joan of Arc, not yet / But I’m in the dark"

Wash All Over Me "You can thread a needle with a teardrop from my eyes" / "It's a cruel injustice to be witness"
Dark dance track, originally titled "The One That Got Away".
"See I don’t know what it is / But I’m attracted to the dark / And it was easy to predict / You were gonna be the one who broke my heart / Your truth is a lie / Bitter fruit / Bittersweet / but, oh so divine"
Illuminati Co-written by Madonna, Toby Gad, Mozella and SymbolicOne.
"It’s not Jay-Z and Beyoncé, Lil Wayne, Oprah and Obama, the Pope or Rihanna, Queen Elizabeth or Kanye, Gaga, Prada, triangles or stacks of cash."
Devil Prays Produced by Madonna & Avicii. Kind of country folk song, which can be directly taken from the 70s. Madonna vocals without any additional effect.
Madonna asks herself how to get out of the darkness and find happiness
Veni Vidi Vici Produced by Madonna & Diplo. Madonna rapping through this hip-hop song, kind of a retrospective song, with lyrics from her career and news-reports from her from the last 30 years.
“I took a Holiday”“I got Into the Groove” “Music saved my life”… and carries on citing or referring to “Borderline”, “Vogue”, “Express Yourself”, “Justify my love”, “Ray of Light”, “Music” and even “The Power of Good-Bye”.
Body Shop

Co-written by Madonna, Toby Gad, Mozella and SymbolicOne. Mid-tempo strings song : Madonna playing the zither (cithare), the whole song is based on the guitar + piano at the very end. Oriental sounds sometimes, Madonna compares sex to engines and mechanics.
« You take the wheel, I’ll sit on top [...] I would ride through the dark of the night with you. »

Borrowed Time
Produced by Madonna & Avicii.
Hold Tight
Produced by Madonna & Diplo.



Thanks to our confreres from DrownedMadonna, MadonnaRama and so on.

Album 2014Rebel HeartHoly Water

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Madonna Album 2015 MNEK Aka Dahi Blood Diamons
~ English text below ~
De nouveaux collaborateurs viennent d'être annoncés pour la production du futur album de la Queen Of Pop, désormais attendu pour le premier trimestre 2015.
C'est d'abord sur Instagram que Madonna a révélé, en photo, qu'elle avait réuni Aka Dahi et Blood Diamonds pour travailler avec elle sur la (post)-production de quelques morceaux de l'album. Selon les indices laissés par la Reine de la Pop ici et là, ils pourraient bien intervenir sur les morceaux "Iconic" et "Trust No Bitch".
DJ Dahi (de son vrai nom Dacoury Natche) est un musicien hip-hop notamment connu pour ses collaborations avec Drake, Lily Allen, Fredrick Tipton, Travis Scott....
Blood Diamonds (de son vrai nom MIchael Diamond), âgé de 22 ans, est connu pour sa musique electro-pop, dubstep, dream-pop. Il est entre autre connu pour sa collaboration avec l'artiste Grimes pour "Phone Sex"
Ensuite, c'est le site d'info musicales digitalspy qui révèle au grand public que l'auteur-compositeur-interprête anglais MNEK (19 ans, de son vrai nom Uzoechi Osisioma Emenike) s'est joint à Madonna pour son nouvel album. Il en dit :

"J'ai presque peur d'en parler. C'est bien arrivé, j'ai rencontré Madonna et j'ai travaillé avec elle.C'était génial et incroyable. Le son de la chanson est méchamment cool! j'en suis vraiment fier ! Diplo est excellent, Madonna est excellente, ceux qui travaillent avec elle sont excellents, donc bosser de cette façon ne peut que bien marcher

MNEK est connu pour sa musique dance-pop teinté de house. Deux morceaux particulièrement connus à ce jour : "Every Little Word" et "Wrote A Song About You". Il a en outre produit une chanson sur le dernier album de Kylie Minogue "Feels So Good"


Découvrez l'univers de ces trois producteurs ainsi que beaucoup d'autres dans la Playlist sur Spotify !


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


New producers have been unveiled for Madonna's forthcoming album, expected to be released before April 2015.

First, Madonna herself, on Instagram, revealed she teams up with Aka Dahi and Blood Diamonds. According to clues shared by Madonna, the two "sex boys" (named after Madonna) could work on songs called "Iconic" and "Trust No Bitch".

Then, the culture website DigitalSpy revealed that singer-writer-producer MNEK, from Birmingham (19 years old only!!) joined the Queen in the studios. He says :

"I almost get quite scared talking about it. It's happened, obviously. I did meet Madonna and I did work with her. It was great and amazing. The song sounds wicked - I'm really proud of it. Diplo's dope, Madonna's dope, her people are great and that side of things is working out great."

MNEK is known for his dance-pop music featuring house sounds. Two songs are particulary known : "Every Little Word" and "Wrote A Song About You". He also produced one song on Kylie Minogue last album.

Find out more about those 3 new producers' universes into the Spotify Playlist now !

DJ DahiBlood DiamondsMNEKIconicTrust No Bitch

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Madonna Official 2015 Calendar
Le calendrier officiel 2015 de Madonna vient tout juste de nous être dévoilé.... par Madonna elle-même, évidemment, sur les réseaux sociaux ! Un calendrier dont la couverture utilise une photo totalement inédite, issue du récent photoshoot de Madonna par Tom Munro, notamment pour le Magazine Vogue Homme Italie.
Pour les 200 premières commandes, la boutique officielle de la Reine de la Pop offre un poster de cette photo ! Baby, hurry up !

Madonna Official 2015 CalendarTom Munro

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Madonna Album 2014 Alicia Keys Siri
Madonna is a control-freak. Madonna knows how to tease fans in a second ! She actively uses social medias since 2012 and now seems to be an nerd Instagram-addicted ! Early this day, she shared a unequivocal picture :

Madonna contrôle tout. Madonna sait exactement comment attirer l'attention sur elle et exciter ses fans en un claquement de doigt. Elle utilise très activement les réseaux sociaux depuis 2012, et en est devenue une accro depuis. Plus tôt dans la journée, elle a partagé une photo sans ambiguité :
"#wearehere. Alicia Killin it on my record....,,,,.,..,,#livingforlove"
"I Am Here" is Alicia Keys new hit. The picture indicates the singer joined Madonna and Diplo for the final production of song Living For Love.A few time then, producer Diplo shared another picture on his own Instagram :

"I Am Here" est le titre de la nouvelle chanson d'Alicia Keys. La photo indique que la chanteuse a rejoint Madonna et Diplo en studio pour finaliser le nouvel album de la Reine de la Pop, et plus particulièrement la chanson "Living For Love".
Quelques temps après, Diplo partagea à son tour une photo sur Instagram :
"Just played a sick version of chopsticks w @aliciakeys"
Another collaboration is presumed isnce last week : Madonna could collaborate with.... Siri, the Apple Artificial Intelligent Assistant included in the iPhones ! His voice could be used into the track "Unapologetic Bitch", and the album could be promoted by Apple. Try it : when you ask Siri what "Unapologetic Bitch" is, he directly talks about Madonna ! To be continued.....
Mais une autre collaboration est préssentie depuis une semaine : Madonna pourrait bien collaborer avec Siri, l'assistant virtuel de la firme Apple, reconnaissable entre 1000 pour sa voix métallique. Cette voix pourrait bien apparaître dans la chanson "Unapologetic Bitch", sans doute le premier titre qui sera extrait de l'album. L'album pourrait ainsi être promu par Apple. Affaire à suivre....

Alicia KeysLiving For LoveSiri

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Madonna Album 2014 Illuminati E=mc2

Madonna is still at work to finish work on her brand new album, which can be expected - at best - for the beginning of 2015 ! She's in the studio with Diplo ending the production of some of the 40 to 50 songs she recorded in 2014 with producers such as Disclosure, Avicii, Pharrell Williams, Mozella, Natalia Kills...




In the meantime, the web is filled with exclusive and mysterious leaks from the album, basically songs titles and lyrics ! 2 new titles have been unveiled this couple of days : "Devil Prays" & "Illuminati". Two titles sounding very religious and beliefs.

Co-produced by Madonna & Avicii, "Devil Prays" is a kind of country folk song, which can be directly taken from the 70s. Avicii focused on Madonna vocals without any additional effects on it, chords and acoustic music. Far away from what some people can be afraid of from Avicii's mainstream dance music.

Co-written by M, Toby Gad, Mozella and SymbolicOne, "Illuminati" is a song where Madonna speaks her mind on what it is to her. As in her 90s super-hit "Vogue", Madonna quotes celebrities in it such as Beyonce & Jay-Z, Gaga and Obama, Queen Elizabeth & Kanye West.




Another information, which is more a rumor for now, is coming from a recent post Madonna shared on social networks : "E=mc²". Known to be one of the most famous scientific formula from Albert Einstein, some fans see through this mysterious quote an annuncement on what can be a future duet or featuring. "MC" can refers to Madonna Ciccone, of course, and it can also refers to.... "Mariah Carey" (yes ! She named one of her albums "E=mc²" a few years ago) and to.... Miley Cyrus, who the Queen Of Pop worked with in early 2014 for a live duet on "Don't Tell Me".

Nothing more to say for now !!!!

IlluminatiDevil Prays

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Mercredi 03 Septembre 2014 à 22h38 dans Album 2014