• Madonna World Tour 2015
    Madonna has started the promotion of Rebel Heart album through interviews on TVs and radios.
    The Rebel Heart era has started, and with it first rumors appears on the web about the Queen's next tour. Here there are :
    • Madonna might perform in Torino, Italy, on November 2015.


    • Rumors say the Queen Of Pop booked the Bell Centre Arena, Montreal, during second week of September 2015. [more details]


    • Quebec might host Madonna in its brand new Quebecor Amphitheater, due to be inaugurated by the end of summer 2015. [more details]


    • Contradicts the first rumor of this list, some says M could be a part of this years' Live Earth Road To Paris event, few months before the International Summit for World Climat (COP21) which will take place in Paris, France. The Live Earth concert will take place on June, 18th, 2015, around the world, from Paris to NY, Sydney, Rio...Madonna in Paris on June 18th ? [more details]
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  • Madonna Rebel Heart Deluxe Edition
    01. Living For Love
    02. Devil Pray
    03. Ghosttown
    04. Unapologetic Bitch
    05. Illuminati
    06. Bitch I’m Madonna (feat. Nicki Minaj)
    07. Hold Tight
    08. Joan Of Arc
    09. Iconic (feat. Chance The Rapper & Mike Tyson)
    10. HeartBreak City
    11. Body Shop
    12. Holy Water
    13. Inside Out
    14. Wash All Over Me
    15. Best Night
    16. Veni Vedi Vici (feat. Nas)
    17. S.E.X.
    18. Messiah
    19. Rebel Heart
    20. Beautiful Scars
    21. Queen
    22. Borrowed Time
    23. Graffiti Heart
    24. Autotune Baby
    25. Addicted (The One That Got Away)
    illustration Madonnalex.com
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  • Madonna NRJ Interview 30 Janvier 2015
    Le 30 Janvier prochain, la radio française NRJ diffusera son interview de Madonna pour la sortie de son nouvel album, Rebel Heart, et de son nouveau single, Living For Love.
    L'interview sera diffusée dans le 6/9 de Manu, en trois parties, à 6h30, 7h30 et 8h30.
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  • MOJO Magazine 2015
    Madonna on the cover of MOJO Magazine next issue.
    On sale from 2015, January 27th.
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